Looking for a fun and interactive yet informative way to develop your soft skills? Workshops are a great opportunity to discover about yourself while networking and learning from others. Communication and self-realization is enhanced in a workshop setting. Plus, they are cost effective.

We offer numerous workshops and can customize one for your group. Here are some of our most popular:

Résumé And Cover Letter Development

Learn how to write effective résumés and cover letters that get you noticed. Even if you have little experience or if you are applying to different jobs in different career paths. Gain the tools to update your CV all through your career regardless of the path you choose to take.

“The applicant’s résumé and cover letter were so good, I knew I was going to hire him before the interview. I didn’t even need to look at his portfolio.” Tom. S.  Employer who hired Potential To Soar college grad client

Job Searching, Networking and Interviewing

Ever hear that phrase “it’s not what you know but who you know”?  Well in this economy, it is what you know and who you know. So many jobs are not advertised. You need to know how to find them. Then you need to know how to apply for them.

If that isn’t enough, you need to handle the interview where no mistakes are allowed. Learn what the interviewer is probably going to ask and what answers they are really looking for. Interviewing can be like an obstacle course. Doing it right is difficult for most people but crucial to your success.

"I walked away with a lot more tools to use in obtaining any job in the future.” Kemillia, Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

A Taste of Colour on the job

Based on a simpler version of Personality Dimensions®, you will learn how to communicate more effectively with your boss, interviewer or co-workers. Learn how your personality traits help or hurt you in different situations. Learn how to peg the other person’s communication needs to get that job, promotion or respect you deserve.This interactive workshop is one of our most popular and eye-opening.

“Very interesting and useful in both our personal and professional lives. The workshop was not only informative but fun!”David, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant.

Talent Selection for Hiring Managers

One of the challenges of today’s managers is that they are not properly trained when it comes to the hiring process. The impact can be detrimental leading to hiring the wrong person, missing out on the right person or asking illegal questions during the interview. The result can lead to a lawsuit, unnecessary costs for firing or redoing the entire hiring process or a dysfunctional, non-productive team. All of which are damaging to a company’s finances and image.Don’t put your company at risk. Train your hiring managers quickly and economically.

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