“I have just purchase your book today from Barnes&Nobles and can’t wait to get it.I hear Suzanne on the radio Friday at my work place and she sound so much like myself all I could do was research and I did, also because I have just returned to school for my MBA.Masters in guest What!lol.Human Resources and this book fits me, because I would like to request changes at my place of work to which is a major corporation and been there for 12 years yes I speaks up for myself as needed,I also have my own little business in designing jewelry and other things but this book would help me with my classes and business as well. Just from what I hear Suzanne state on the radio was correct and the truth. I agree with her I tell my co-worker all the time speak and stand up for yourself, but they can’t and I know why, so thank you for this book. You’re the best O :)” — Myria B.

“I enjoyed the content of the subject session today very much. I am sure it would help improve my communication ability when interacting with others.” – Michael, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“Suzanne Kleinberg was simply an amazing speaker. She gave us great information that we can use for job hunting or networking.”Shaunna, Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

“My compliments, you did a great job engaging us with the material and making it fun.”Jeff, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“Your workshop was great, thank you so much.”Cindy, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“The presentation was very engaging and useful to understand who we are and how best we relate to others.”Anthony, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“Suzanne has inspired me through her presentation. She really cares. She has changed my life.”Omid, Résumé, Interviewing and Job Search Workshop participant

“Suzanne was a very personable, warm and relatable speaker. Some valuable tips!!” Helen, Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

“Thanks very much for this afternoon’s workshop. I greatly enjoyed the workshop. As we discussed following the workshop, it was a great eye opener for me in terms of learning what my ideal work environment is, as pertains to working with different personality types.”Charles, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“Well presented, interesting, interactive. Suzanne was a great facilitator. She met the needs of everybody here.”Marlene, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant 

“I walked away with a lot more tools to use in obtaining any job in the future.”Kemillia, Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

“Very useful advice.  The presentation was very informative.”  – Andrea, Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

“Very interesting and useful in both our personal and professional lives. The workshop was not only informative but fun!” David, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“The applicant’s resume and cover letter were so good, I knew I was going to hire him before the interview. I didn’t even need to look at his portfolio.”Tom.S. Employer who hired Potential To Soar college grad client

From Playstation to Workstation was key in making my résumé and cover letter stand out and preparing me for the interview for a job that was an incredible opportunity. I got the job.” E.K. – college grad

I had trouble getting through to my son about how unprofessional his resume looked. So, I gave him a copy of From Playstation to Workstation and he now has a great résumé that he can now use to start his career.” Evelyn T. – mother of high school student

“My daughter is planning to move out to go to university but her expectations of what she can afford is not realistic. It’s All About The Elizabeths showed her the light and now she realizes how much she really needs to save.” – Ellen T. – mother of high school student.

“This book [Employees Rights and Employers Wrongs] is great. It helped me stand up for myself and keep my job. Now I no longer have to take the abuse of my supervisor. I have bought more copies to give to my friends as gifts.” David W. – corporate employee

“It’s All About the Elizabeths is a great teaching tool for my students. This should be part of the curriculum in all schools.” Ann V. – high school teacher

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