Keeping Up With The Jacksons

Keeping Up With The Jacksons:  A Financial Management Guide for American Teens

Earning money lets you buy a lot of things.  Managing money lets you keep them!

From the author of “From Playstation® to Workstation” and Employee Rights & Employer Wrongs,  Keeping Up With The Jackson is a financial guide designed specifically for young Americans.  With helpful exercises, this workbook will help you will understand:

* What deductions to expect on your pay check (it’s more than you think!).

*  How to avoid fraud and identity theft.

* When to use cash, credit and debit or none of the above.

*  How small savings can turn into big potential.

*  How to select the best bank account for you.

*  How to create a budget you can work with, not sweat over.

Does the thought of managing your money make you shudder?  Well, it shouldn’t.  Do you think that managing money is simple or unnecessary? Well, it isn’t.  This book will start you with the right foundation you need to avoid the pitfalls that others have fallen into.  Be ready to take control of your future.

Now available on Amazon and Kobo.

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