From Playstation To Workstation

From Playstation To Workstation

A Career Guide For Generation Text Surviving in a Baby Boomer World

This is not your parent’s career guide.

From Playstation® to Workstation is a career guide designed specifically for teens and new graduates. With useful exercises, this workbook will help you master the job finding process even with minimal experience.

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From Playstation to Workstation was key in making my résumé and cover letter stand out and preparing me for the interview for a job that was an incredible opportunity. I got the job.” E.K. – college grad

I had trouble getting through to my son about how unprofessional his résumé looked. So, I gave him a copy of From Playstation to Workstation and he now has a great résumé that he can now use to start his career.” Evelyn T. – mother of high school student

This is not your standard career guide! It is a comprehensive book that talks directly to the teen or new graduate who is relatively new to the job market. With numerous relevant topics and exercises, the reader will learn effective techniques to find and secure a job and build their career. This book taps on a huge segment of today’s job seekers that are largely ignored by other career guides.

The résumé and cover letter sections give a multitude of examples to suit almost every situation that a new job seeker may encounter. No experience? There are samples and exercises on how to develop your experience section from tasks and responsibilities that you do in your daily home and school activities. It also explains what not to do and why in your written communications.

The interviewing section not only talks about how to answer dozens of interview questions but also digs into the reasoning behind the responses. There is also a fascinating section on the signals you can be giving your interviewer without knowing it. What does your body language say? What does your clothing say? What answer is the interviewer really looking for with his/her question? What are the landmines that some interviewers place during the interview process and how can you successfully get pass them? Plus, there is a section on how you can recover from an interview gone awry.

But what really makes this book an essential read for students and new graduates are sections that prepare the unseasoned reader for life in today’s competitive and sometimes unforgiving job market. The section on what to expect on the job is a must read for the inexperienced worker. Too many people assume that once they start the job, then it is easy sailing from there. This section talks not only about what you can expect from your employer but reminds the reader on what the employer expects from you. Understand how the corporate culture can work to a new employee’s advantage when you understand how you fit in.

This book is great for teens, new grads, teachers, guidance counselors and parents -- not only because it is well written but because the information in it is invaluable. This is a book that is tailored to a young job seeker that addresses their unique situations without being condescending.

For a tiny fraction of the price it would cost to hire a junior résumé writer, you could have all this knowledge and be ahead of your competition.

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