Employee Rights & Employer Wrongs (Canada)

Employee Rights & Employer Wrongs

How to Identify Employee Abuse and How to Stand Up For Yourself

Do you feel that your rights as an employee are being trampled on?

Find out how some employers are taking advantage of your fear of losing your job and how you can stop them.

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“This book "Employee Rights & Employer Wrongs" is great. It helped me stand up for myself and keep my job. Now no longer have to take the abuse of my supervisor. I have bought more copies to give to my friends as gifts.”Jean W. – corporate employee

Does your work environment cause you stress? Do you feel that your rights as an employee are being trampled on? Do you dread going to work each day?

Many hardworking Canadian employees put up with unnecessary stress, excessive workloads, and violation of rights from their employers because they are either in fear of losing their jobs, unsure of their legal rights or both.

“Employee Rights and Employer Wrongs – How to Identify Employee Abuse and How To Stand Up For Yourself” is written specifically for the non-unionized Canadian worker who doesn’t have the time or patience to sort out the legal jargon set out by Employment Standards Legislation and doesn’t know where to turn. Lawyers are usually too expensive for the average employee! After all, most labour lawyers demand retainer fees in the thousands of dollars just to decide if you have a case.

Filled with easy-to-understand explanations, relevant examples, fascinating real-world case studies and useful sample letters that you can use, this indispensable book will show you how your employer may be taking advantage of you and how you can stop them. Put an end to further stress-induced illnesses, sleepless nights or feelings of hopelessness.

For the price of less than 8 minutes with a labour lawyer, you can have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether you are taken advantage of and where you stand.

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