Personality Dimensions ®

Ever wondered

  • Why you aren’t being offered a job after the interview?
  • Why your son waits until the last minute to fill out his college applications while your daughter has the next five years planned out in painstaking detail?
  • Why a team member prefers to work alone while others prefer to work in groups?
  • Why your spouse isn’t responding to your “honey-do” lists with enthusiasm and gratitude?

Personality Dimensions® is an interactive workshop based on innovative research into human motivation and behaviour. It explains what motivates people with different personalities from the spontaneous to the organized to the studious to the people pleaser. Through a variety of activities, you will learn where you fit in the four temperament-based colour coded system, what your core needs, strengths and perceptions are and how you can effectively deal with people of other temperaments in any environment(work, school, family, etc.).

Personality Dimensions® will help you

  • Express yourself appropriately
  • Understand what makes you & others tick
  • Influence others positively at home, work or school
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Communicate to get that job or promotion
  • Understand what career or major will satisfy you
  • Narrow gaps and differences in your relationships
  • Recognize and appreciate your challenges
  • Elevate morale and enthusiasm
  • Optimize team performance
  • Yield higher productivity
  • Design effective training tools
  • Inspire leadership potential

“Thanks very much for this afternoon’s workshop. I greatly enjoyed the workshop. As we discussed following the workshop, it was a great eye opener for me in terms of learning what my ideal work environment is, as pertains to working with different personality types.”Charles, Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

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