Career Coaching

In today’s extremely tough job market, it is harder than ever to get the opportunities that will advance your career. The résumés of yesterday that neatly outline your experience are no longer sufficient. In the current market, you are now a“brand” and you need to market yourself as such. Potential employers want to see what value you bring to their company and they want to see it within 30 seconds. That is why you need to know how to make the maximum positive impact that separates you from the rest of the job seekers.

You hear it all the time! The vast majority of jobs are never posted publicly. The most effective way to find the best opportunities is by networking through your connections, developing new contacts and effectively using social media. People who are resourceful, persistent and professional will have access to the most opportunities.

Learn the strategies that create the greatest impact on employers and recruiters regardless of where you are in your career. After all, your career is not about your next job. It is about setting your goals and creating a successful plan to reach them.

New Graduates/Teen Coaching

Are you tired of hearing “You don’t have enough experience”?

Are you tired of asking “How am I supposed to get experience”?

Are you trying to figure out how to create a winning résumé with little work experience?

Getting your foot in the door is toughest when you have little experience. Learn how to be at your competitive best and stand out from the rest. We focus on the specific challenges for youth and new graduates to see you succeed.

Team Building

Is your team as productive as it could be?

Do you spend more time watching your employee’s play the “blame game”?

Imagine your team working in sync through effective communication, respectful understanding and balancing tasks together. Yes, it’s possible. We can help you through our assessment tools, customized workshops and/or individual coaching.

Get your team to work like a team, not like a disorganized mob.

Personal Relationships

Do you ever feel that you are speaking a different language than the person you are trying to get through to?Are you finding that you have to keep repeating yourself and things still don’t get done?  Do you get frustrated by continually have arguments over the same things?

Through our personality assessment tools and/or workshops, we can help clear the fog and teach you how to communicate more effectively. Learn to speak so that they will hear. Learn to listen so that they don’t yell.  We can help make communication a two-way street and not a one-way dead end.

Résumé Writing Services

For people who don’t have the time to do it themselves, we provide a résumé writing service at a reasonable cost to you. You will get an appealing and effective product that will interest any hiring executive.

We don’t just stop at résumés, we also provide:

  • Goals Identification
  • Cover Email Creation
  • Bio Construction
  • References
  • Job Searching
  • Networking
  • Interview Strategies
  • Assessment Tools
  • Packaging you as a “brand” as an employee or freelancer

Contact us today to discuss your frustrations and how we can help you live up to your potential.

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