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I founded Potential To Soar in 2010 as alternative to cookie-cutter type career and talent coaching.There are too many “coaches” out there that focus on outdated résumés and undemanding interview questions in return for a high fee and low results.However, my approach is to help you succeed through individualized attention with respect to your current situation, future hopes and existing budget.I offer different types of coaching, through my own books, customized workshops and/or personalized coaching tailored to your needs. My passion is to help people who are struggling to get ahead. This includes teens, new graduates, mistreated employees and people who feel that they just need a push in the right direction. Everybody has the ability to succeed. With the right tools and a little confidence, you can reach your goals.

I am known to many friends and family as an avid “career changer”. While the average number of times an adult changes careers in a lifetime can be as high as seven, I may be personally responsible for skewing that number skyward. So, it was a natural progression that I became a professional Career Coach so that I can share the lessons I have learned with others who are looking to move forward in their career and relationships.

I have worked in many types of companies and various industries including media, advertising, financial, legal, manufacturing and technology in both Canada and the U.S. My jobs have varied from Accounts Payable Clerk to IT Consultant to Project Manager to Animal Shelter Volunteer to Celebrity Personal Assistant and more. And yes, I have experience as a Career Coach too. I was one of the first Technology Career Managers hired at the Bank of Montreal in 2008 which allowed me to create innovative programs and practical development strategies that would motivate and retain internal workers. However, due to budget cuts, the BMO Technology Career Management practice was disbanded.

Since then, I went out on my own and authored three books (“From Playstation® to Workstation”, “It’s All About the Elizabeths” and “Employee Rights and Employer Wrongs”) and earned my certifications in both “The Birkman Method” and “Personality Dimensions” psychometric assessments.

Check out my testimonials to see what I have achieved for my clients.

— Suzanne Kleinberg, President, Potential To Soar

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