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From Playstation® to Workstation is a career guide designed specifically for teens and new graduates. With useful exercises, this workbook will help you master the job finding process even with minimal experience.


In todays extremely tough job market,it is harder than ever to get the opportunities that will advance your career.In the current market,you are now a brand and you need to market yourself as such.


Looking for a fun and interactive yet informative way to develop your soft skills? Workshops are a great opportunity to discover about yourself while networking and learning from others.

Do you feel defeated, degraded or confused in your career? Are you tired of being passed over for jobs or promotions? Are you trying to start or transition your career but you lack experience to create a powerful résumé? Are you in a career quandary?

Whether you are launching, building or transitioning your career, Potential To Soar can get you on track.

Our books are unique to the industry. They provide a wealth of valuable information at a fraction of the cost of experts in their fields.

Our workshops are customized and interactive to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere that enhances the learning process.

Our coaching is personalized. We use the most effective psychometric tools such as The Birkman Method® and Personality Dimensions® to help you understand what drives you, inspires you, stresses you and fulfills you.

It’s not about us telling you what you should do. It is about you discovering what you want to do. And doing it.

What People Say…

“Very interesting and useful in both our personal and professional lives. The workshop was not only informative but fun!”

Personality Dimensions Workshop participant

“Suzanne was a very personable, warm and relatable speaker. Some valuable tips!”

Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

“Suzanne Kleinberg was simply an amazing speaker. She gave us great information that we can use for job hunting or networking.”

Job Search and Networking Workshop participant

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